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what is the “your plate” plan ?

This unique 90 day plan combines the Science of Personalised Nutrition with the Science of Behaviour Change.

We provide Personalised Nutrition and evidence based Positive Psychology tools so that you can apply the changes to your life in a practical and sustainable way.

You will have two coaches on this plan -

Aarti Bhanderi-Shah - Registered Nutritional Therapist.

Maya Gudka - Executive Coach and Positive Psychology Expert.

What is the difference between Aartizen Life Plans and Your Plate plans

The Your Plate plans will benefit those who want to re-prioritise their health and wellbeing on a conscious and subconscious level, embed deep rooted behaviour change for the long term and want to learn strategies for better self-regulation (can aid with emotional eating, cravings).

Your Plate combines Personalised Nutrition Advice and Positive Psychology in equal measure. Positive Psychology takes an in-depth look at your personality, your motivations and strengths so that we can dig deeper into factors that may be a barrier to you achieving your health goals. If you are at a particularly stressful, time pressured phase in your life, making changes to your diet and lifestyle will be harder to implement. This is where the science of behaviour change is critical in you making that mental shift in order to re-prioritise your health and wellbeing.

On this unique and powerful 90 day plan you will undertake one-to-one coaching sessions with Aarti Bhanderi-Shah and Maya Gudka - an acclaimed executive coach and expert in Positive Psychology from the London School of Business. Maya has helped hundreds of professionals to achieve their professional goals and their personal health goals. She will analyse your personality, your habits, motivations and potential derailers and how they might hinder your ability to achieve your health goals. She will help you to find strategies to overcome these negative behaviour patterns that prevent you from being the best version of yourself.

Research proves that individuals who feel good in themselves physically and emotionally are more productive and achieve more fulfilment in life.

45 minute Taster sessions

We offer a taster session with each coach lasting 45 minutes. Each session costs £50. This gives you a chance to see if the plan is for you before you commit to the full 90 package.

As part of the taster Personalised Nutrition session you will be asked to complete a 3 day Food and Lifestyle Diary and a Body Scan form where you will highlight any potential health concerns and symptoms.

The full 90 day package includes:

8 coaching sessions in total over 12 weeks.

  1. 2.5 hours with Registered Nutritional Therapist Aarti Bhanderi-Shah.

  2. 2.5 hours with Executive Coach and Positive Psychology expert Maya Gudka.

Cost: £450