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Photo by gustavofrazao/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by gustavofrazao/iStock / Getty Images

  • The problem with standard diets is that they tend to be a quick fix. 90% of people will regain the weight they lose after 2 years plus a little more! In short, diets don’t deliver sustainable results for the long-term.

  • The Aartizen Life Method uses powerful coaching techniques so you feel supported and guided through your health transformation.

  • Together we work through challenges on a weekly basis whether it is a change in routine, an illness thats thrown you off course, lack of motivation and we will ensure you you stay on track whilst embedding positive habits.

  • Only with behaviour change can you embed new habits for the long-term - you have to learn to enjoy eating whole foods, become more intuitive with your body in order to maintain a healthy weight and body composition for life.

  • You will receive a health MOT, monthly meal plan, recipe video tutorials and ongoing support.

  • You also have the option of doing a DNA test (by DNAFIT or DNA Life) - prices start from £120. This test gives you an insight into your genetic blueprint and how your biochemical composition interacts with food and nutrients. You can find out fascinating information - eg. do you have the lactose intolerance gene? Are you caffeine sensitive? Do you have a higher need for omega 3 fats? Are you carbohydrate sensitive?

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more information on the plans

These Plans lay the foundations for creating healthy eating and lifestyle habits and resets your relationship with food. Some eating habits are unconscious and the plans will help you to develop an awareness of not only what you eat BUT also how you eat.  The focus is on food and mindset.

You will have an initial in-depth consultation that will include a Health MOT report, SMART goal setting, personalised health plan and a monthly meal plan (changes each month). You will also have weekly coaching calls to keep you on track.

We can become so fixated by the dial on the weighing scales that if we don't hit our targets it can completely throw us off course. Womens’ hormones and the monthly cycle affect our weight by up to 1kg.

The plans will make some small but effective changes such as smart snack swaps, reducing sugar and caffeine cravings. You will also increase your intake of vegetable and plant-based foods and drink more water. You will also learn the impact that poor sleep and long-term stress has on weight loss. You will certainly notice increased energy levels after 60 days, better digestion, better sleep, reduced cravings and a better relationship with food and yourself. 

Your weight loss journey will be easier once these vital foundations have been laid and more importantly you are more likely to keep the weight off and not fall back into the trap of cyclical weight gain and weight loss. 

a snapshot to see the results you could achieve

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A healthy rate of weight loss will differ according to different body types. For someone who is classified as “overweight” (by BMI measure) a weight loss rate of 1lb to 2lb (1kg) per week is considered safe and sustainable. Unless under medical supervision, losing weight faster than this can increase the risk of health problems and make you feel tired and unwell.

30 days - 4kg maximum weight loss

60 days - 8kg maximum weight loss

90 days - 12kg maximum weight loss

Fat loss percentage can be measured using body composition monitoring such as Tanita or Boditrax (body impedance methods). These readings can vary slightly depending on your hydration levels so weekly readings are necessary to get an accurate idea of progress. A target of 1% body fat reduction per month is safe and achievable:

30 days - 1% body fat percentage reduction

60 days - 2% body fat percentage reduction

90 days - 3% body fat percentage reduction


If you want to lose body fat (and weight) we will work on including at least 3 hours of physical activity per week into your schedule (60 day and 90 day plan). This should include:

  • 2 hours of strength based or core based training ie weights, yoga, pilates  (30 minutes x 4 sessions)

  • 1 hour of cardio per week eg. dancing, running, HIIT (30 minutes x 2 sessions).

    I can support and motivate you to achieve these fitness goals. 

Online workouts are a convenient way of working out if you have the space and motivation to work out at home.

See my reviews of Les Mills On Demand workouts - convenient online workouts which you can do at home.

Aartizen life method

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