full time mum

goal: improve digestion & reduce migraines



 I came to Aarti to improve my general wellbeing, boost my energy and more specifically to reduce my migraines.

The consultation process was very thorough. She carefully considered my medical diagnosis from my Consultant Neurologist alongside her own detailed assessment of my symptoms and food diary. I felt Aarti provided me with insightful knowledge, a holistic approach and practical advice on how I could achieve my own goals whilst continuing to provide what my family needed at the same time.  

She identified that my lack of energy and vitality could be related to my digestion and recommended I include a variety of beneficial foods into my diet. Aarti took into account both nutritional benefits and my taste preferences. Her lifestyle interventions helped me to focus on incorporating downtime in the form of yoga and mindfulness into my busy schedule. Her supportive and practical approach meant I was able to follow through on her advice without feeling overwhelmed. The recipe suggestions were brilliant and I really felt her advice was personalised to me and my lifestyle! 

I am pleased to say that I am feeling more energised overall and my headaches have reduced in number as well as severity over the last 2 months.


DIRECTOR and executive coach

goal: health optimisation

As an experienced coach I’ve benefited from working with lots of coaches over the years. Aarti is the only person I would use for my nutrition coaching. Her approach is to celebrate food and nutrition whilst gently nudging you to make tweaks that have big impact.

I started seeing Aarti to help me regain my mojo after the birth of my daughter 4 years ago and more recently my son who is now 2 years old. Health and wellbeing are important to me in my personal and professional life. I was keen to re-gain some much needed energy and instil some positive eating habits. I knew how easy it was to get stuck in a rut after a baby and I didn't want to go down that path. Aarti's knowledge and her ability to educate me on the principles of Nutrition Science were transformative. She made me understand why it was important.

The weekly coaching calls were hugely supportive and very motivational as I was able to discuss my challenges and Aarti could tailor the plan and make adjustments to keep me on track. After 8 weeks I had embedded some positive dietary and lifestyle changes that have made me feel more energised, happier, and a lot of people commented on the benefits!


portfolio asset manager

goal: fat loss & develop healthy habits

I can wholeheartedly recommend Aarti’s services, both for her incredible in depth knowledge of nutrition & health and for her supportive and nurturing approach to coaching.

I have a busy life and come from a foodie family, plus I follow an Asian vegetarian diet. As a result many of the off the shelf diets are unsustainable for me as I don’t want a life of tofu and ‘special meals’. Aarti was fantastic at cutting through the complex and conflicting dietary advice that was confusing me and applying simple key principles to my regular diet.

Aarti’s approach is to make simple additions and substitutions which is very helpful if you are cooking for your family. Aarti is also very generous with her time on the regular consultation calls and I feel her realistic, uplifting and encouraging personality will be the key to your success. I had very high expectations and received a throughly professional yet personal service. Thank you Aarti!