GROUP wellness workshops


Our group workshops will empower you with Nutrition wisdom, health hacks and all the inspiration you need to burn fat, lose weight, feel great and regain your energy and vitality.

The workshop setting gives you the opportunity to learn in an interactive and fun way, share ideas with others, make new friends and feel empowered on your Wellness journey.

The workshops are monthly 2 hour sessions for a period of 3 months and also includes 8 x 30 minute one-to-one coaching calls. 

Total time = 12 hours, cost £500 (£44 per week)

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workshop Dates

February, March, April

April, May, June

June, July, August

September, October, November

What to expect in the workshop

The 90m minute session will be tailored to the needs of the group and will include:

Nutrition talk.

Evidence based information from a qualified Nutritional Therapist. Subjects may include:

How to reduce your sugar intake, healthy gut, importance of fibre, food for the brain, how much protein do I need? Are carbs good for me?

Interactive session or cookery demo.

How much sugar is in the food I eat? Understanding portion sizes better. Smart swaps. Meal planning.

Lifestyle session - Fitness, sleep, mindset, stress reduction and mindfulness tailored to the group needs.

Product inspiration.

Body composition measurements.

Why are group workshops an effective way to lose weight?

Studies have shown that individuals have higher levels of motivation and are more inspired when they are trying to achieve their goals in a group setting.

Some interesting science data….

A systematic review in 2018 of 47 randomised controlled trials shows that group‐based interventions targeting diet and/or physical activity can generate clinically meaningful weight loss up to 24 months. This encourages continued use and evaluation of group‐based, weight‐loss interventions (Journal reference below).

  1. A.J. Borek, C. Abraham, C.J. Greaves (2018) ‘Group-Based Diet and Physical Activity Weight-Loss Interventions: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials’, Applied Psychology and Health Wellbeing, 10(1), p62-86.

Venue: Temple Pharmacy, Ealing

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