healthy food and drink consultancy

I provide high-quality consultancy services for health and wellness brands.

  • Articles, blog, social media and website content

  • Research on nutrition and health trends

  • Recipe and menu development

  • Nutritional analysis for menus and new products

  • Food labelling regulation

Health and wellness sectors

  • Supplement companies

  • Restaurants

  • Gyms

  • Spas

  • Spa and wellness retreat menus

  • Food delivery and catering services

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new product development

I love working with innovative companies and developing new food and drink challenger brands for the health food market.

If you are wanting to launch a new health and wellness product to the market I can assist you with market evaluation and new product development including nutritional profile.

In 2012 I created a range of Aartizen cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices. These juices had a higher nutritional profile compared to standard drinks because they were not “pasteurised” ie heated up like most juices to preserve shelf life. Aartizen juices were stocked in London delis, Nisa Local shops, sports clubs, Budgens and Fortnum and Mason.

I have also created a healthy snack bar product with a low sugar, high protein nutritional profile. 

The Aartizen cold pressed fruit and vegetable juice range

The Aartizen cold pressed fruit and vegetable juice range

Healthy Snack Bar development in progress

Healthy Snack Bar development in progress

public health strategy

Health and wellbeing is a huge public health matter.

Soaring obesity and diabetes rates are putting the health system under a lot of pressure. Almost 10% of the NHS budget is spent on diabetes related illnesses. This can be tackled through better diet and lifestyle education and food manufacturers doing their part to reduce sugar in processed foods.

I can help you to position your product to your target audience and assist with food labelling regulations and public health nutrition guidelines.

Talking healthy Food & Drink at a Small Business Event at No. 10

Talking healthy Food & Drink at a Small Business Event at No. 10

recipe and menu development

I can help you create exciting vegetarian recipes for your restaurant, events, supper club or corporate kitchen.

My specialism is plant-based vegetarian food and South Asian cookery.

I have a great passion for and extensive knowledge of healthy Gujarati cookery.

I can provide recipe inspiration for those following restricted diets such as coeliac, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free.

I have extensive knowledge of non-wheat based cereals such as millet, ancient grains, spelt, teff, jowar.

Photo by phive2015/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by phive2015/iStock / Getty Images

brand collaboration

working with charities and not for profits

Working in partnership with organisations whom share the same vision to reduce the obesity epedemic and support people on their health journey through education and empowerment.

We support causes that are working towards health education and empowerment of children and encourage active lifestyles such as Jamie Oliver’s campaign called Veg Power - to encourage food manufacturers to promote fresh veg products to children.