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Hello and welcome

I'm Aarti Bhanderi-Shah - Registered Nutritional Therapist, health expert and passionate foodie. 

I'm really excited you are here. My mission is to help you feel happy and energised everyday. I will empower you with lifelong practical tools and the knowledge you need to eat and live in a way that maximises the potential of your unique genetic blueprint and your lifestyle.

First and foremost I am passionate about tasty, flavoursome food and believe it is one of life's joys.  Changing your diet and making positive lifestyle changes can seem like a daunting task but with my support, coaching and inspiration we can achieve your health goals.

There is a misconception that healthy eating means dieting, deprivation and boring food but this couldn't be further from the truth. I have seen and experienced the powerful healing effects of food and lifestyle changes on the mind and body, both personally and with my clients. What you put on your plate can make the difference between feeling ok and feeling fabulous.

Making your health a priority will create a positive ripple effect in other areas of your life - you will have more energy for yourself and your family, more mental clarity and a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing each day.

Food really can be as powerful as medicine and once you start this journey you will not look back.

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4 aartizen life principles

Using evidence based Nutritional Therapy and diagnostic tools such as DNA testing, I can support you to make positive lifestyle changes that are practical and sustainable for the long-term. My method works on optimising your diet, reducing stress, moving more and encouraging good sleep habits (sleep is the new holy grail of health) - ALL of these are important pillars of optimum wellbeing.

I am passionate about Nutritional Therapy and have witnessed first hand how it can transform and improve conditions such as obesity, digestion problems, hormone imbalances and skin conditions.

My aim is to share lots of health wisdom, delicious vegetarian recipes and inspiring videos with you.  

I work alongside other qualified practitioners including a pharmacist, skin aesthetician and an executive coach - they are all passionate about helping individuals to achieve their health goals. 


personalised nutrition

personalised health Plans designed for you

These plans are not quicks fixes but help you make steady changes for long lasting results.

They will end the cycle of yo-yo dieting that ruins your metabolism and negatively impacts your hormones and sense of wellbeing.

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client testimonials

I can wholeheartedly recommend Aarti’s services, both for her incredible in depth knowledge of nutrition & health and for her supportive and nurturing approach to coaching.

I have a busy life and come from a foodie family, plus I follow an Asian vegetarian diet. As a result many of the off the shelf diets are unsustainable for me as I don’t want a life of tofu and ‘special meals’. Aarti was fantastic at cutting through the complex and conflicting dietary advice that was confusing me and applying simple key principles to my regular diet.

Aarti’s approach is to make simple additions and substitutions which is very helpful if you are cooking for your family. Aarti is also very generous with her time on the regular consultation calls and I feel her realistic, uplifting and encouraging personality will be the key to your success. I had very high expectations and received a throughly professional yet personal service. Thank you Aarti!”

Anita - Portfolio Asset Manager - Mum of 2 year old.

Client goal - optimum health, weight/ fat loss.

making time for your health and wellbeing

As a mother of two kids under the age of 5 I have experienced the joys and also the constant juggling act of parenthood and modern family life. It has taken a shift in mindset to reassess my priorities and regain some semblance of order again.

I have found structure and planning is key - and even then things don’t always go to plan! A few key things that have helped me along the way - meal planning, home workouts (getting to the gym is a challenge due to childcare) and meditation apps for some much needed zen (this is my weak spot and probably the thing I need most).

Achieving your health goals requires planning, support and also some level of trial and error to find the most practical and effective strategies.

As your life circumstances and health concerns change, your routine will need to adapt as well. Building a strong foundation based on the “4 principles” will set you up so that even if you veer off track you have the tools and habits in place to prioritise your health.

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Photo by undefined undefined/iStock / Getty Images

what makes the aartizen life method unique?

Do you want more energy?

Do you want to feel healthier and happier?

Do you want a personalised health plan that suits your genetic blueprint and your lifestyle?

Do you want a qualified nutrition expert to coach you through your health transformation and embed these habits for the long-term?

Many of us have a good sense of what we need to eat and do to keep well, but putting theory into practice and changing habits is a hard process. This is where the Aartizen plans stand out. We don't just give you the information, we provide you with the coaching and use powerful behaviour change techniques to make this change a reality. It works and we have seen the success with our clients.

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what is nutritional therapy?

Personalised Nutrition to help maximise your health potential

Nutritional Therapy is an evidence based Personalised Nutrition approach. As well as your diet it considers your genetic make up, your medical history, your physical symptoms, your emotional state and lifestyle factors. A bespoke plan is devised to improve your diet, fitness, stress levels and sleep patterns to optimise your health for the long term.

Nutritional Therapy is a complementary therapy and works effectively alongside conventional medicine. It is is particularly effective for chronic conditions such as obesity, digestion problems, arthritic pain and low energy.

We live in an age where you are only one click away from finding potential answers to your health questions but this is mostly generic “one size fits all” health advice - what works for one person may not work for you. In a world of fad diets, food myths and calorie counting, it is easy to get carried away with the latest trend and feel confused.

Questions abound - How much sugar is ok? Is fat bad for you? Which diet is best? Are supplements necessary?

We recommend our clients to undertake a DNA health test (simple mouth swab) to provide specific information about how your DNA interacts with the food you eat.

our philosophy

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